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Website Development And Design Professionals of kenya

SemaSEO Agency is a group of web developers and designers in Embu, Kenya who are dedicated to creating powerful, effective website development and design. Our unique design style and use of polished standards-based code results in stunning websites that also respond brilliantly in search engine result rankings, improved conversions, and user interest. SemaSEO Agency Website Development and Design service professionals of Kenya create solid online marketing programs and outstanding web presence campaigns for small to medium sized businesses. We are experts in creating powerful brands and brilliant websites using the latest technologies on the market. Custom web designs 100% Mobile Responsive Websites PHP and JavaScript Applications iOS and Android Mobile Applications Unique E-Commerce Solutions

The Website Development Process

Visual Design Phase

Through this process, we work closely with you and your company to ensure a fitting design is created. To accomplish this, we align our design experience with your requirements. Each part of the design undergoes a thorough approval process. The goal is to produce a aesthetically appealing which portrays your industry and brand, all while sustaining ease of use. User experience is top of mind with the creation of each page.

The web development process has a multiple parts of the submission and a review of the layout, page layout and menu, call to action, and various other elements that go with it. The general model and layout of the website is first created, and once approved, is applied as the “theme” of each page as they are created.

Application Architectural Design Phase

For this phase, basic business rule sets are laid out and rationally sorted into code functions, and database table relationships are defined and processed.

Web Site Development Phase

In this phase, the website is built. To complete this, we create code functions, write and test style rules, and create carefully designed graphics that further provision the visual presentation element.

Website Testing Phase

For this phase, we run a trial for every possible aspect of the website’s architectural intelligence.


For the last phase, the disclosed robots. Text file is removed so the search bots can ‘crawl’ the website. Generally at this time we recommend releasing a press release.


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