TrueHost Review: Is It The Best Web Host in Kenya?

TrueHost offers a comprehensive hosting package for businesses and individuals looking to host a website online. The company claims to offer all the necessary services one needs in order to start an online business without overcharging. In this review, we will look at some of their key features and how they compare to similar providers.
truehost web hosting
83 / 100

TrueHost is a web hosting company in Kenya that has been on the market for over a decade now and it provides services to both individuals and businesses. It has earned a reputation for being one of the best companies in its niche due to the outstanding service delivery and reliability of its servers.

TrueHost is a leading, award-winning Kenyan web hosting company with the best technology and support. They offer quality service to over 50,000 customers.

TrueHost has been gaining popularity for offering reliable hosting services at a reasonable price. Here is the TrueHost review, which will help you learn more about their features, plans and pricing, customer support and so much more.

Truehost enables you to get a website up and running in minutes. It’s a reputable web host used by thousands to host their online projects, start businesses, and create something new in Kenya.

Upon signing up your domain and hosting costs as little as Ksh 2299 per year. Truehost also comes loaded with features to help you get set up quickly.


Truehost offers shared hosting plans at an entry-level price. So if you’re creating a website as a first-timer, Truehost is a safe and affordable option.

I couldn’t name Truehost as the hosting provider that gives you the best value for your money in Kenya without seeing how it measured up to other providers on the market.

Who is Truehost Best For?

If you are a beginner web server hosting user and have some knowledge of web development, Truehost is an ideal option for you. Their shared hosting packages are powerful and scalable, and they have an easy-to-use control panel to help you manage your account.

If you have any questions, a 24/7 support team will be happy to answer them. They have phone support as well as ticket-based and chat services. You can also access a knowledge base where you can find tutorials on how to use our service.

Truehost: The Pros and Cons


24/7 customer support: Not every company can boast 24/7 customer support, especially at such a low entry-level price.

Free SSL certificate: An SSL certificate, otherwise known as Secure Sockets Layer certificate, makes sure to authenticate the identity of your website and encrypts important site information.

Quick site setup: With Truehost, you can easily get your site up and running in no time with their intuitive and guided step-by-step setup. And if you happen to run into any trouble, you can tap into their chat support feature in real-time. 

Beginner-friendly: Truehost is ideal for anyone venturing into creating and maintaining a website for the first time. This is because there isn’t a need for advanced web management knowledge or coding when you set up your site through it.


Not the best fit for high traffic sites: If you’re wanting to scale an already high traffic site and need hosting to meet those specific needs, an entry-level Truehost plan isn’t going to cut it. You can always upgrade to their more expensive managed WordPress tiers.

Truehost Pricing

Truehost offers four hosting plans, each one of them has a different price and comes with its own set of features.

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting Truehost plan is hands down one of the easiest ways to get started building your site. You can start with the Basic plan for Ksh 1499, which is good to create one site with 30 GBs of space. That’s generous when you consider they also include a free SSL certificate.

Package/FeaturesSilver HostingGold HostingPlatinum HostingUnlimited Hosting
Pricing annually KSH1499.004548.0011388.0014499.00
Disk Space30 GB50 GB90 GBUnlimited
Domains Max330UnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth TransferUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Email AccountsUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
DatabasesUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Uptime99.999% 99.999% 99.999% 99.999% 
FTP AccountsUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 

What Products Does Truehost Offer?

  • Domain names: Although they are not the cheapest domain name registrar, you can buy domain names directly from Truehost.
  • Shared hosting: Unless you are managing a really large project or you need to geek around with your server’s configuration, a shared hosting plan is the one you ought to consider.
  • WordPress hosting: Truehost has a WordPress focused hosting service. It’s optimized for WordPress sites and comes with several perks like a staging area.
  • VPS: A Virtual Private Server is something in between a shared hosting and a dedicated one (read below). You’ll share a server with other clients, but there’s a (virtual) wall between your projects and theirs.
  • Dedicated servers: Adequate for those websites that generate tons of traffic and/or need a top-performing server.

Truehost offers cheap hosting services with a variety of plans to choose from. I’m not saying that they are the best web host in Kenya, but they are certainly one of the cheapest web hosting companies with good service and uptime. This concludes our post on Truehost Review – Is it the best web host in Kenya? We hope these insights have been helpful! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you for reading this article and stay

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