Google Reveals Top Trending Searches of 2021: See What Was Trending in Kenya

trending searches
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Google’s yearly report of top trending searches reveals the most popular keywords and topics across different categories.

Google’s annual recap of the year’s top trending searches offers dozens of ideas for content publishers looking to capitalize on long-tail keyword opportunities.

Data on trending searches is published yearly but, What can you do with this information?

When you go through the top searches, you might think that there’s not much you can do with that as a search marketer or content publisher.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll be able to find most of the long-tail keywords people have been searching for this year.

Moreover, you’ll be able to find the questions people were asking — the things that searchers genuinely needed help with — and therein lies the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trending long-tail keywords of 2021 in Kenya maybe you’ll be able to find some ideas for your next piece of content.

Google’s Top Trending Long-Tail Keywords Of 2021 in Kenya

top trending searches

Top ‘How To’ Searches 2021

Answering peoples’ questions is the cornerstone of content publishing. If you can provide the most holistic answer to one of these questions you may see an influx of traffic coming your way.

  1. How to find true love
  2. How to check KCPE results online
  3. How to check KCSE results
  4. How to pay NHIF via Mpesa
  5. How to reverse Mpesa
  6. How to apply kazi mtaani
  7. How to write an application letter
  8. How to write a CVOk
  9. How to buy tokens
  10. How to style braids

Trending Movies & TV Shows

1) Squid Game
2) Zora
3) Red Notice
4) Black Widow
5) Killing Eve
6) Coming to America
7) Snake Eyes
8) Lupin
9) Army of the Dead
10) Mortal Kombat

Trending Local Personalities

1) Mukhisa Kituyi
2) Mwai Kibaki
3) Martha Koome
4) Eliud Kipchoge
5) Deputy President William Ruto
6) Alfred Mutua
7) Charles Njonjo
8) Simba Arati
9) Omanyala
10) Moses Kuria

Trending Health

1) COVID-19 Registry
2) AstraZeneca Vaccine
3) Chanjo Kenya
4) Moderna Vaccine
6) Colonoscopy
7) Signs of COVID-19
8) Bipolar Disorder
9) Glaucoma
10) Autism

Trending How To (Tech)

1) How to open pdf file
2) How to open a null file
3) How to open apk file
4) How to open a Docx file
5) How to open bin file
6) How to check NHIF status
7) How to hack a WiFi password
8) How to open a zip file
9) How to open an mp3 file
10) How to download videos from YouTube

Trending Lyrics

1) ‘Sukari’ Lyrics
2) ‘Alcohol’ Lyrics
3) ‘Naanzaje’ Lyrics
4) Ndovu Ni Kuu’ Lyrics
5) ‘Baikoko’ Lyrics
6) ‘Hapo Tu’ Lyrics
7) Amazing Grace’ Lyrics
8) ‘Jireh’ Lyrics
9) ‘Love Nwantiti’ Lyrics

Trending What is (General)

1) What is love
2) What is happening in Afghanistan
3) What is vaccination
4) What is Charlie Charlie
5) What is European Super League
6) What is happening in Palestine 2021

More Top Searches Of 2021

This is just a selection of the year’s top searches, which I picked out as I felt they were the most useful for publishers.

There’s many more to discover in Google’s Year In Search site

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