Top Techniques to Market Your Blog in 2021

Techniques to Market Your Blog in 2021
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With the rise in technology, blogging is turning out to be a career choice for many individuals. It has gone to the extent that some are even quitting their jobs to pursue a career blogging.

This doesn’t mean that blogging is everyone’s cup of tea though as very few have been able to successfully build a career an generating an income from it.

What I am trying to say here is that blogging too requires a similar amount of hard work, focus, determination and positive attitude as any other career choice. Don’t enter the blogging industry believing it to be an easy career option.

What do you need to know to successfully market your blog in 2021?

Techniques to Market Your Blog in 2021

With competition at it’s peak, gaining success blogging isn’t easy as it was a few years back but with the right techniques and hard work, then you can guarantee yourself success in your blogging career.

If you follow the below mentioned tactics in promoting your blog, I can guarantee you that your blog will definitely be successful.

1. Repost your content on other platforms

Always try share your content on popular and established platforms. This can either be a network, another blog or a media house.

This platforms in addition to adding more traffic to your blog, it will also be of SEO value to your blog.

The two which are easy to work with are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Medium

2. Guest post on popular sites

Guest blogging, also called “guest posting,” is the act of writing content for another company’s website. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry(niche) in order to:

  • Attract traffic back to their website
  • Boost their domain authority using external links to high-authority domains
  • Increase their brand credibility and awareness, and
  • Build relationships with peers in their industry.

As a newbie, you might be ignoring this or doing this all wrong.

Guest blogging is also an essential tool for link building but doesn’t consider it only as a link building technique. It is much more than that.

If you can get your posts published on top-notch blogs such as, you will generate a lot of referral traffic to your blog from the link in your author byline.

Guest blogging offers a number of benefits for any business. By sharing your expertise on other companies’ websites, you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

Here are a few things to look for before offering to guest blog or vice-versa:

  • Does this blog or blogger have a slew of followers who are actively posting comments, sharing blogs with their networks and otherwise engaging with content?
  • Do they have a Facebook or Twitter account where they share their own blog posts regularly?
  • Do they have high domain authority that would amplify my own SEO ranking?
  • Is their industry and expertise complementary to my own?

3. Network with other bloggers

One thing I’ve noted in my three years blogging is that many bloggers don’t interact with their fellow bloggers.

 The success of your blog today relies on how influential it is among the social media crowd and in order to get better social media attention, it is must that others share your blog post on popular social media channels.

Why would anyone care to share your articles though?

Either you need an excellent write up, infographic or video that attracts many eyeballs or you can network with fellow bloggers, share their articles and they are likely to return the favor.

Note: Even for a viral content, you need initial shares from few social media influential users before it becomes viral.

4. Optimize your Blog for Search Engines

With the rapid growth of of social media platforms, most bloggers are more focused on building a brand and influence among the social media at the expense of ignoring search engines completely.

I’m not saying it’s bad to build your influence around social media as you also need to keep up with the industry but it shouldn’t be at the expense of ignoring the search engine traffic.

Around 70% of traffic generated by the top-notch blogs all around the globe comes from Search Engines. This explains why you got to optimize your content for search engine before publishing.

Good SEO copy and a search engine–optimized posts accomplishes three things:

  1. They’re easy for the search engines to read
  2. They’re easy for the target audience to find
  3. They’re easy for people to read

Everything you do to optimize a post is based around those three basic concepts.

The first and most important thing you can do is to write a good, informative post that is accessible, easy to read and appeals to your target audience.

Information of value is also much more likely to attract incoming links. When search engines see other websites linking to a web page, especially if it includes relative content, they determine that the web page holds information of value and move it up the rankings.

SEO starts once you’ve got a solid blog post.

Think like your target audience. Which words will they use to find your post? Once you’ve written your post, it’s important to decide how you want readers to find you. These search terms are your keywords. With a well-written post, the primary keywords are often obvious.

Meta titles and descriptions tell both the search engines and the reader what’s on the page. The meta title and description also show in the search engine results, so they need to convince readers to click through to the website. Good content management systems and blogging programs include a place for meta information.

Good meta descriptions match the content on the page. Primary keywords should appear at the beginning of both the title and description. Title tags are limited to 72 characters and title descriptions approximately 165 characters. Anything longer will be cut off in the search engine results. While it’s acceptable to use a number of keywords in the meta information (as long as it reads well), don’t overuse terms. Repeat a keyword more than twice and the search engines may actually penalize you for keyword stuffing.

It’s also important to include both internal and external links in your post. Internal links help the search engines index your site, identify primary keywords and can increase the page rank of linked pages. When linking to other pages on your site, it’s important to link related keywords instead of phrases like “click here.” Linking by keyword tells the search engines that there’s related content on the linked page.

5. Focus on attracting readers too and not just search engines

search engines are the primary source of traffic for almost every successful blog out there. However, it doesn’t mean that you work as a blogger ends once you generate a decent amount of search engine traffic.

A blog is successful not because of the amount of traffic it generates regularly but it becomes successful when it gets a decent amount of subscribers or readers.

Your blog is better of if it has 1000 subscribers than it generating 1000 views a day because the subscribers are for a lifetime while the traffic may change overtime.

Therefore, generate traffic from search engines, but while doing that, also find a way of converting your traffic into subscribers or readers.

6. Promote Yourself as a Blogger

You must promote yourself too along with your blog. top bloggers like Robert Alai for instance. You know them personally through their blog irrespective of the fact that you never met them face to face.

These top notch bloggers become highly influential in the industry because they endorsed themselves too while promoting their blogs.

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