A-List Of The Best Sites To Find Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities.

It's a busy world out there and we all have limited time to do everything. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it can be hard to find the right blog opportunities for your business. And even harder to find the time to write these sponsored blog posts!
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As a writer, I am always looking for ways to make money online. In the past, I have written sponsored blog posts on other sites but recently started using some new sites to find these opportunities.

Social media is a great way to build your brand and share content with your followers. But, as a blogger, it can also be used to grow your blog through sponsored blog posts. Sponsored posts are becoming more and more common, and they are an excellent way for bloggers to make some extra money on the side. For sponsors, blogs are a great outlet for promoting products or services because the audience trusts them. If you’re new to blogging and want to know where to find sponsored blog post opportunities, then this post is for you!

What is a sponsored blog post?

A sponsored blog post is a type of native advertising, in which the advertiser is paying the host website to promote content related to its product. Shorter than an advertorial and more direct than paid social media marketing, sponsored blog posts are an effective way for advertisers to increase their reach beyond their own follower-base. The content should be unique, interesting, and relevant to your audience in some way – if it isn’t, you’re wasting both your time and your money!

What Are The Steps To Land Sponsored Blog Post Deals?

Sponsored posts are a great way to leverage your blog to make money. Sponsored posts aren’t that different from other types of content, with one exception: the post is written by you, but on behalf of an advertiser.

There are three main ways to land sponsored post deals:

Send an email to relevant businesses and ask them if they want to sponsor your blog content.

Create a pitch deck and show it to advertisers who are interested in running sponsored content on their own blogs/websites.

Through your own website and social media presence, attract potential advertisers.

Sponsored blog post networks are websites that provide sponsored posts for bloggers to share. These networks have been gaining popularity with bloggers and brands alike, because bloggers can make money off of the sponsored posts they write, and brands can drive traffic to their website or social media profile.

However, there are lots of questions and concerns surrounding sponsorship networks, because some people don’t understand how they work, or why they’re so different from a regular advertising service.

Sponsored post networks are a great way to get your content in front of thousands of new and targeted people. If you’re looking for a way to get into the sponsored blog post-game without spending a ton of money, here are the best places to start:

Sites I Use to Find Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

1. Content.ad

They have over 1,700 sites listed on their network, giving you plenty of options to find sites that match your audience. If you want to get noticed by the Traffic Junky team, this is probably the best place to do it.

2. Blog Meets Brand

Most popular blog network with numerous sponsored post opportunities. The network has an easy-to-sign-in process, and social media influencers and bloggers from different niches, topics, and categories can join. 

sponsored blog

Their sign-up is really easy – simply enter your name, email, and password to get started before proceeding to the usual profile creation.

3. Acorn

The fun fact about Acorn is that they will work with bloggers/influencers of all levels! They also connect bloggers with some really big brands like Johnson&Johnson, P&G, Kraft, NBC Universal, and Nickelodeon.

4. CJ

CJ is primarily an affiliate network. However, they also offer some BIG sponsorship opportunities for their content-certified publishers. (You’ll first need to sign up to CJ and then apply to their content certification program.) 

5. BlogDash

The most trusted network site has over 100,000 content creators. BlogDash has numerous sponsored post offers and well-paying gigs from different niches, topics, and categories.

6. Real Clever

Clever is one of my favorite platforms. It has a clean dashboard and pretty straightforward instructions for each campaign. The only downside is that the payout period is 60 days after the campaign ends.

7. Linqia

Linqia is GREAT if you’re in the parenting/lifestyle blog niche. After your first campaign, depending on your reach/previous performance, the pay can be pretty good. The pay is based on a pay-per-click scale.

8. Activate

Activate has a large number of blog and social opportunities and has been adding new bloggers regularly. The payment method ranges from an upfront flat payment rate to a quote for your work. Still, some opportunities are non-cash, and these include product-only partnerships or “goodwill” charity opportunities.

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What You Need Before You Get Started

  • Healthy Traffic Rates: You should have a steady stream of traffic to your blog that trends upward every month. You can explain the online marketing strategies you use to achieve this and what your marketing goals are for the year. If your traffic is low, check out our guide on how to get more traffic to your blog.
  • Social Media Following: Likewise, your blog’s social media accounts should have a healthy following of engaged people. As the blog owner, you should be participating in the conversations people have with your blog and brand, encouraging people to continue talking.
  • High Domain Authority (DA): While DA is not the be-all metric for sponsors, it does show how well respected your blog is, indicates you’ve got a lot of high-quality backlinks, and predicts that their sponsored posts have a good shot at appearing high up on the search engine results page. Blogs with DA scores of 30+ will have a better chance of securing sponsored posts. 
  • Clean and Simple Site Structure: An easy-to-use site structure is a sign of a well-organized blog that’s managed well. It also makes it easier for search engines to index, meaning it has a better opportunity to rank high with them. For more SEO tips, check out our SEO guide for bloggers.

How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts?

People often ask us how much they should charge for sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are very much in demand, as more and more companies want to get their content in front of a specific audience.

When you’re writing sponsored content, it’s important to remember that you are selling something. You’re not just trying to write a good blog post, you’re trying to sell a service or product.

To learn how to charge for sponsored posts read: What To Charge For Sponsored Content 


Getting started with writing sponsored blog posts can be difficult, but the best sites to find these opportunities are listed here and in our infographic. If you’re looking for a list of companies that offer sponsored blog post opportunities, we highly recommend checking out this list.

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