Social Media Marketing

Marketing to connect with individuals, online communities, and groups

Social media marketing is really a strategy that uses social networking platforms in order to create awareness about the product and promote it among people. It helps in creating a community of loyal customers for the business. It's a new way of advertising, where traditional methods like television, print ads and billboards are replaced by digital tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Let us manage your social media accounts and create content for them. We can help you with scheduling posts, finding the right hashtags, creating engaging content and much more!

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How social media is used is dependent on the mission of your company. It’s known it can drive leads, but also has numerous additional benefits:

  • Marketing Reach
  • Company Reputation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Customer Service
  • Data Consumption & Reporting

Marketing through social network channels provides companies new avenues for strengthening your brand, finding new leads, as well as new business prospects. SemaSEO Agency in Kenya provides support in designing, running, and reporting social media campaigns. We are also experts in advanced reporting and analytics for social network sites that will provide valuable insight between your social media campaigns, and increase your business, online reputation, reach, and impact.


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