5 Ways of Promoting Affiliate Products & Links on Your Blog

Promoting Affiliate Products
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Our main goal at SemaSEO is to continually share ways in which you can earn money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways that I recommend.

With affiliate marketing, you choose a product related to your niche, create awareness around it, and the moment someone purchases the product or service you earn a commission.

In this article, We’re going to look at tips that you can use on your blog in promoting affiliate products.

Tips To Promoting Affiliate Products

1. Write post reviews

Content is always king!!

With a post review, you’ll be able to introduce the product to your audience. Moreover, your opinion will act as a guide for them to understand why they should purchase the product.

Let’s take a look at few things you should always keep in mind when writing a posts review for your affiliate product.

  • Your review should be genuine. Don’t just focus on the good points and end up failing to mention the downsides of the product. A honest review should always cover both sides of the coin. Also, don’t fail to add images and give a detailed information of what the product has to offer.
  • Use a personal tone when writing a review as people are looking for a personal recommendation in review articles.
  • Go for a product that you are more likely to use yourself.
  • Take advantage of star ratings in search engines to get a higher CTR for your reviews. You can use WP Review Pro to add star ratings to your blog posts.

2. Blog post promotion

Use of affiliate links on your blog posts and promoting those posts is a very appropriate technique. Always ensure the posts are highly targeted.

Write an article that a user would search right before deciding to buy something. Write posts based on a buying-intent keyword.

  • Best [product name] (online)
  • Best [product name] site
  • [Product name] coupon
  • [Product name] coupon code
  • [Product name] discount

This brings us to…

How-to articles:

A DIY kind of article always works well for affiliate product promotion.

3. Use coupon codes

Money-saving has always been the biggest incentive.

Each time a customer is purchasing a product and sees a coupon box, he’ll definitely search for the product and the coupon. The good thing is that even with the resulting coupon, you’ll still receive a good commission for the sale made.

Always keep in mind that your main aim as an affiliate marketer is not just to share the coupon but rather to make the customer click your affiliate link, else the sale will not count as yours’.

You may also consider as a blogger to write monthly blog posts for coupon codes.

If you might have noticed on various coupon sites, they tend to ask you to “Click to view coupon”, “Click to go on the merchant site” and so on. The reason for this is to drop the cookie.

3. Use featured post

Be it a review post or be it a coupon code post, you’re after getting more post views. Apart from On-page SEO, you should give more visibility to such a post by placing it as a featured post.

WordPress has a feature that allows you to stick any post on the homepage of your blog.

promoting affiliate products

In the “edit post” section, click on “Visibility” and put a checkmark beside “Stick this post to the front page”.

4. Use banners in your sidebar

With a targeted organic audience on your site, banner advertisements work great.

Don’t serve too many banner Ads as they’ll end up confusing your readers.

Here’s what you should do:

Never place banner ads for similar products on your sidebar: Banner ads work as a recommended product.  With multiple similar products, you are confusing your readers in their decision of which product to buy.

It’s a great idea to place products related to a particular niche within the same niche.

For example, in a blog post about WordPress tips, you can place a banner ad for Themes, Plugins, Hosting, Services, etc.

Bonus Tip 1: Use the Sticky ads plugin to stick an ad in the WordPress sidebar. This is a free plugin.

Bonus Tip 2: When placing ads, link out to the website directly instead of your review post. One big mistake many affiliate marketers make is they try to link an ad to their review post or another internal post.

Here are new affiliate links promotion ideas that work in 2020:

  1. Mention Products in your most popular post
  2. Create a course/series article around the product
  3. Host a product giveaway
  4. Comparison post
  5. Create a post when the product adds a new feature
  6. Create an alternative products post.
  7. Write a post on why I switched from X to Y
  8. Create a resource page
  9. Create videos explaining about the product
  10. Create list post & include the product
  11. Create Coupon/deal specific post for product

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