4 Excellent Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Strategy For Leads and Conversions.

As we continue to witness the evolution of social media marketing, Facebook's growth has been nothing short of impressive. In fact, it's reported that Facebook now has 1.71 billion monthly active users as of Q1 2016 (Statista).
optimize your facebook strategy
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You’ve heard it before: Facebook is a powerful social media tool. But if you’ve been struggling to get results from your Facebook page, this post is for you. In this post, we’ll show you how to optimize your Facebook strategy so that you’re getting the most out of your time on the platform.

There are many ways to engage your audience on Facebook, and while they all have their place, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t missing out on potential leads. The best way to accomplish this is by using Facebook ads. There are a variety of different types of ads you can use that will fit whatever business objective you may have.

Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Strategy for Leads and Conversions

1. Build Remarketing Audiences to Target With Facebook Ads

Building remarketing audiences is an important step in the Facebook Ad process. Creating remarketing lists for your website allows you to target past visitors to your site with relevant ads that will drive people back to your site, increasing conversions and sales.

You can create lists based on two types of information: general information stored in the Facebook Pixel, or information stored in a contact database on your website. Use this guide to build custom audiences for your Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook offers several options for remarketing to people who have already expressed interest in your business. To increase your conversion rate, aim for people who have shown a higher level of interest such as those who messaged your page or watched a video.

If your business has a Facebook shop, you can retarget people who interacted with it in a variety of ways, including:

  • Viewing products or collections
  • Saving products to Facebook
  • Adding products to a shopping cart
  • Initiating checkout on Facebook
  • Clicking through to view products on your website

Website Remarketing Audience

Have you installed the Facebook pixel on your website? You can use pixel data to retarget people who have visited certain web pages such as blog posts or lead magnets related to the offer in your ad.

If you’ve prioritized conversions in Facebook Events Manager, you can use these events to build your remarketing audience. For example, you can retarget people who already completed the Lead event, guiding them closer to a conversion.

2. Identify and Promote Top-Converting Landing Pages

The goal of any landing page is to convert prospects into customers. Unfortunately, very few landing pages are successful in this regard. This is because most marketers don’t understand the principles behind the conversion-centric design and copywriting.

Posting a variety of lead magnets, eCommerce links, and other high-value content, it isn’t easy to know what’s driving leads and sales. You can use Facebook Insights to track clicks but this data can’t tell you whether those clicks led to conversions.

Landing pages are the first page of your website that visitors see. They are used to promote a product or service and encourage the visitor to sign up for a free trial, download an ebook or get in touch. Landing pages can increase traffic, lower bounce rates, and help you convert more sales when used correctly.

A great landing page will clearly present its value proposition, ensure that the visitor can easily find what they’re looking for, and offer enough information to pique their interest without overwhelming them.

You need a web analytics tool like Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can monitor user behavior from Facebook traffic and track conversions throughout your site.

Facebook strategy

You can start by setting up custom goals to track contact form submissions, webinar registrations, and lead magnet downloads in Google Analytics. If your company offers eCommerce, then you can also track revenue and conversion rates by switching on the eCommerce options in the admin panel.

3. Run Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Facebook ads have been one of the most effective digital marketing channels for several years, and they also happen to be among the most affordable. If you’re not running Facebook lead generation ads, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your reach and boost your conversions.

Here is a way to run Facebook lead gen campaigns that will increase your results and help you meet your goals. The first is to create custom landing pages for your ads. You may, for example, create a Facebook landing page with a discount code for $10 off any order.

We’re all familiar with the Facebook News Feed and how users scroll through it. With each post, users can interact by liking, commenting, or sharing that post.

Facebook has recently introduced Facebook Lead Ads as a new way to capture leads for your business. The ads are in-your-face and interactive allowing you to gather Facebook user data right on the spot.

Lead generation objective is great for getting leads with native Facebook tools, it isn’t the only paid option for connecting with prospects. You can also use Facebook Ads’ conversion objective to direct people to your website, where they can access your gated content in exchange for their contact details. To use this objective successfully, be sure to offer a high-value lead magnet.

4. Develop Interactive Instant Experiences

Instant experiences are a new kind of interactive that allows users to explore unique content and share it with others in real-time. A good example of a company that has embraced this trend is Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has been one of the pioneers of this trend, creating exciting social media interactions like their ‘Share your Age’ quiz.

Instant experiences can take many forms. An instant experience could be an interactive quiz, a video, or even an infographic. They can be used to create a valuable experience that encourages users to share and interact with one another.

Develop interactive instant experiences that use video, graphics, and audio to come up with more engaging content.

So you want to create an interactive experience? Or perhaps you want to enhance your current offering with a touch of interactivity? It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are new to the idea or have little budget to work with. But if done right, you can have fun and become a pioneer in this emerging trend.

The first thing is to break down what you are trying to convey into its basic elements.


To maximize ROI, it is important to optimize your Facebook strategy. We can help you do that through our effective Facebook marketing consulting services. Comment below with some of the mistakes you have made on Facebook and what you learned from them.

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