4 Things I Wish I Knew When I was New to PPC

new to ppc
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New to PPC?

This is a pretty exciting area of marketing that is experiencing constant growth.

Here, we’ll take a look at helpful information that if I knew from the start, I’d be way ahead of my competition.

When was just getting started, I did not really have a clear understanding of its depth and breadth?

This is why I came up with this article for those new to PPC that way they won’t go through what I had to experience when just starting off.

1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Being able to learn from your mistakes plays a very key role in our success. I know mistakes can be expensive and derailing in PPC.

 Being able to monitor your performance in real-time and being able to act quickly can help identify and prevent paid media catastrophes before they take place.

Let’s take a look at areas to major your focus on to avoid mistakes that may turn out costly:

  • Avoid incorrect budget and bid settings that might cause the account to overspend.
  • Avoid disorganized account structure that goes against intended strategic direction.
  • Avoid too many keywords that may hinder reaching the right audience.

Moreover, you can also learn from other people’s mistakes. This is why you should interact with other peers in the industry and read much about their journey.

Note: PPC training resources never train you on what not to do. They only focus on what to do.

2. Educate others

In the early stages of PPC, there might be a lot of misinformation.

Be it,

What is an auction?

Why quality score is important?

The benefit of building the popularity of PPC over the years is that you’re knowledge than ever.

Being able to further will be giving you a deeper dive into the technical tasks.

3. Be part of the PPC community

After starting off in your PPC career, you’ll eventually feel a sense of mutual trust and friendship among people in the PPC industry.

Meeting online and conference events help grow your PPC network a lot.

LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, Facebook groups are great ways to be part of the rich PPC industry community and collaborate with peers.

4. Take advantage of learning opportunities

As compared to the past, PPC platforms offer a large sophisticated training.

Certification programs are available to increase knowledge.

Below are some of the top paid media platforms that you can never go wrong with:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Additional resources:

A complete guide to PPC marketing basics

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