How to Increase Your Blog Traffic – The Easy Way (17 proven tips)

Bloggers put a lot of effort into creating valuable content for their readers, but often don’t spend enough time thinking about how to get that content in front of more people. Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog, and without it, you won’t be able to generate leads or sell products or services.
How to Increase Your Blog Traffic
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Last Updated on: 5th June 2022, 10:28 am

Traffic. It’s the lifeblood of your blog. Without it, your blog might as well not exist. You could have the most brilliant content in the world, but if no one ever sees it, what’s the point?

That said, Increase Your Blog Traffic can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re just starting out. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

How can you increase your blog traffic by 206%?

The big question on your mind right now is probably:
How can you increase your blog traffic by 206%?
SemaSEO has been blogging for many years now, and I’d like to share the approach we have taken to successfully grow our blog traffic. I will narrow this down to 17 points that I believe have contributed a great deal to our success.

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

1. Restructure your posts

While writing a blog post, we have to look at the content and the structure of the blog post. We need to make sure that we are engaging and motivational as that is the key to leading our audience from one point to another.

You may not even realize that your readers haven’t totally bought into your content. Check the comments. If no one is commenting or can’t be bothered to say anything other than “nice post,” then your post didn’t get their attention.

Focus on successfully speaking the language of your core audience, they will gladly promote, cite, and share your post and advocate for you on their own networks — thus increasing qualified blog traffic to your website.

Most people write their posts in a linear fashion, starting at the beginning and ending with the conclusion. However, if you switch things around and put the most interesting or important information at the beginning, you’ll capture your reader’s attention right away.

2. Twisted guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get your content in front of new eyes, but it can be difficult to get people to accept your guest posts. A little bit of creativity can go a long way, though. Twisted guest blogging is a great way to increase blog traffic by getting more people to accept your guest posts.

The basic idea is to offer to write a post for free in exchange for a backlink. This can be a little bit tricky because you don’t want to come across as too desperate. However, if you offer something of value and make it clear that you can deliver then it’s much easier.

If you want to use guest blogging to increase your blog traffic, you need to make sure that you:

-Pick the right blogs to guest post on

-Write high-quality posts that are relevant to the blog’s audience

-Get your post published on the blog’s homepage

-Include a link back to your own blog in the author bio

3. Publish original research

Publish original research

Original research is a great way to increase your blog traffic. When you publish original research, you become the authority on the topic. You also set yourself apart from other bloggers who are writing about the same topic.

There are a few things to keep in mind when publishing original research: make sure your data is accurate, write in a clear and concise manner, and use strong visuals to accompany your article.

According to a study by BuzzSumo, articles that include original research receive more shares and links than any other type of content.

Why is this? People are always looking for new and interesting information. Original research provides readers with something new and unique – something they can’t find anywhere else. If you want to increase blog traffic, start publishing original research. It’s a great way to stand out from the competition and attract attention to your blog.

4. Repurpose your content into a Twitter thread

Twitter threads are a great way to repurpose your content and increase your blog traffic. Threads allow you to share a series of tweets on a single topic, which can help you to provide more in-depth information than you could in a single tweet. Additionally, threads can help you to reach a larger audience, as Twitter’s algorithm favors longer tweets.

To create a Twitter thread, start by tweeting out your content as usual. Then, in subsequent tweets, add additional thoughts or insights on the topic. You can also use images and videos to break up your thread and add visuals.

People love Twitter threads because they’re easy to follow and provide a lot of value. They also help you to get your content in front of more people, which is always a good thing.

5. Create shareable images

Images are a powerful way to get your content shared on social media. In fact, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images. And, including a picture in your LinkedIn post can increase engagement by up to 94%.

But not just any image will do. The images you use need to be high quality, visually appealing, and relevant to your audience. If you can create images that are both informative and eye-catching, they’re more likely to be shared.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your images are more likely to be shared:

– Use bright and eye-catching colors

– Use interesting and/or funny quotes or sayings

– Use interesting and/or beautiful images

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6. Promote content in communities

One of the best ways to promote your content and increase your blog traffic is to participate in online communities that are relevant to your niche. By sharing your content in these communities and providing valuable insights and commentary, you can not only attract new readers and followers but also build relationships with other bloggers and thought leaders in your industry.

Find forums, social media groups, and other online platforms where your target audience hangs out and shares your content there. Make sure that you contribute to the conversation and don’t just spam people with links. When you share your content, make sure that it is valuable and interesting to the community. This will help you build trust and relationships with potential customers.

7. Get your content included in niche newsletters

One way to get your content in front of a larger audience is to get it included in niche newsletters. This can be a great way to get your content in front of people who might not have otherwise seen it.

There are a number of different newsletters out there that focus on a variety of different niches. If you can find one that’s relevant to your industry, then you can reach out and see if they’d be interested in including some of your content.

Niche newsletters are often overlooked but can be a great way to reach a highly engaged audience that’s interested in your content.

There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that your content will be included in niche newsletters:

-Make sure your content is high quality and relevant to the audience of the newsletter

-Submit your content to as many newsletters as possible

-Engage with the editors of the newsletters and build relationships

8. Share your content on Reddit

Reddit is a platform where you can share your content and get traffic back to your website. It is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Redditors (the people who use Reddit) vote on submissions they like or dislike, which then decides the placement of the post on the front page or subreddit pages.

You can share a link to your website, blog post, or article on Reddit and get people to upvote it so that it reaches the front page. This will result in a lot of traffic coming to your website.

This system can be a great way to increase traffic to your blog. If you can create content that is interesting and relevant to the people on Reddit, you can get a lot of traffic from it. However, it’s important to note that Reddit is a very fickle community, and if your content isn’t interesting or relevant, it will quickly be downvoted and buried.

9. Write about topics people are searching for

When you’re looking to increase blog traffic, it’s important to write about topics that people are actually searching for. Luckily, there are a number of great tools and resources that can help you figure out what those topics are.

One great tool is Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to see how many people are searching for a particular keyword each month. You can also use Google Trends to see if a particular keyword is increasing or decreasing in popularity.

Another great resource is Quora. Quora is a question and answer site where people ask and answer questions.

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How to never run out of content ideas

10. Build links

build links

Links are still an important part of SEO, and they can be a great way to increase your blog traffic. However, you need to be careful about how you go about acquiring links as not all links are created equal. Here are a few tips for building links that will help increase traffic:

1. Quality over quantity – Don’t focus on getting as many links as possible. Instead, focus on getting links from high-quality websites.

2. Research your targets – Make sure you research the websites you want to get links from. Find out what their audience is and make sure your content is relevant.

3. Ensure that your links are relevant to your content. If the link doesn’t make sense, people are likely to ignore it or worse, penalize your website for spam.

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11. Create “click-worthy” headlines

The first step to creating viral content is to write headlines that are irresistible and make people want to click. You can use data to help you come up with headlines that are more likely to be shared. For example, you could use a tool like BuzzSumo to determine the most popular topics and headlines of the day.

You can also use emotional triggers in your headlines to make them more appealing. Some examples of emotional triggers include fear, anger, joy, sadness, and surprise. Headlines that use these triggers often get more shares on social media.

You want to make sure that your headline stands out and makes people want to click on it. There are a few tricks you can use to make your headlines more enticing:

-Include numbers or statistics in your headline. For example, in “3 Simple Tips for Creating Viral Content.”

-Make your headline a question. For example, in “Do You Know the Secrets to Create Viral Content?”

-Use strong adjectives in your headline. For example, “How to Create

12. Build an email list

Build an email list

An email list is one of the most valuable assets a website can have. It’s a direct line of communication with your audience, and it allows you to keep in touch with them long after they’ve left your site.

There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your website. But, if you want to really increase your traffic, you need to focus on building an email list. An email list will help you achieve two very important goals: first, it will help you increase traffic to your website; and second, it will help you convert more of that traffic into customers.

Email lists are a valuable way to keep in touch with your audience and keep them coming back to your site. They can also be a great way to increase traffic. Here are three ways to use your email list to boost traffic:

1) Drive people back to your site by sending out links to your latest content.

2) Promote special offers and discounts exclusively for email subscribers.

3) Encourage people to subscribe to your RSS feed or blog updates so they can stay up-to-date with your latest content.

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13. Refresh and republish your content

One way to increase blog traffic is to periodically refresh and republish your content. This can be as simple as updating the information, images, or formatting, or it can involve completely rewriting and republishing the post.

When you update your content, you can also share it again on social media and email lists. This will help to remind your audience of the great information you’ve shared before, and it might just prompt them to come back and check out your site again.

This can be done in a few different ways:

-Update older posts with new information and perspectives.

-Republish popular posts with new headline tags and social media shares.

-Create new content based on old posts, expanding on the original ideas.

By refreshing and republishing your content, you’ll not only bring more attention to your site but also increase the chances that readers will stumble upon your content through social media shares or search engines.

14. Boost important posts with internal links

One of the most effective, yet underutilized, methods for boosting website traffic is through the use of internal links. When you include internal links in your blog posts, you’re not only helping your readers navigate your website more easily, but you’re also passing along some of that post’s search engine authority to pages that you deem are more important.

Internal linking can also help to keep people on your website longer. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to explore other pages, which increases the odds that they will find something of interest and ultimately convert into regular readers.

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15. Reach out to people mentioned in your post

If you mention someone in your blog post, reach out to them and let them know. Not only is this a great way to get them to share your content, but it also starts a relationship that could lead to future collaborations. When you reach out, make sure you include a link to the blog post so they can easily find it.

This will help increase their traffic and also help you build relationships with these people.

16. Make sure you match search intent

When someone types a query into a search engine, they are looking for specific information. If your website content does not match the intent of their search, they will not find what they are looking for and will move on to the next result. This is why it is important to ensure that your website content is well-optimized for relevant keywords and phrases.

You can increase traffic to your website by making sure that your content is targeted towards the right audience. Matching search intent means providing the right information to people who are looking for it. When you do this, you are not only satisfying the needs of your target audience but also building your traffic.

One of the best things you can do to increase your website traffic is to make sure that you are providing the content that people are searching for. You can do this by using keyword research to determine the topics and phrases that people are most likely to search for and then making sure that your content addresses those topics.

You can also use Google AdWords to find out what people are already searching for. The AdWords tool will show you the average monthly search volume for a particular keyword, as well as the competition level and suggested bid price. This information can help you determine whether or not it’s worth writing on a particular topic.

17. Run ads

run ads

There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your blog or website. One of the most effective is to run ads. Paid advertising can be a great way to get your content in front of more people, and it can also be a great way to generate leads or sales.

There are a variety of different types of paid advertising that you can use, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular types of paid advertising include:

-Paid search engine optimization (SEO)

-Paid social media advertising

-Paid email marketing

-Paid display advertising

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If you’re looking to increase your blog traffic, you’re in luck. This article provides 17 easy ways to get more visitors to your blog. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re looking to boost your traffic stats, give these tips a try. And be sure to leave a comment and let us know how they worked for you.

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