How to Use Social media for Keyword Research

How to Use Social media for Keyword Research
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Did you know you can use social media for keyword research? Social media offers a considerable amount of data for SEO experts to ally with.

We all need some unique keywords to target and this should be the reason why you should start digging into social media. I know you’re wondering why not keyword research tools? But what you don’t know is that social media can be a source of amazing long-tail keywords that are of quality traffic.

Why social media?

On average, a user spends 2hrs and 24minutes per day on social media which is about 50.1% of the time people spend on their phones. What you may not know is that these social platforms are regularly taking note of what we do, who we like, where we go, and what type of content makes us click.

This is why you should consider using social media for keyword research.

That known, let’s take a look at ways you can social media to uncover quality hight traffic keywords.

Ways to use social media for keyword research

1. Use Facebook Ad targeting options to look into audience behaviour

The fact that you might think you are aware of your audience, chances are you don’t know everything about them.

Facebook on the other hand does. Why?

If having a Facebook account then you definitely know that on account creation we share details about our lives, our jobs, what shows we like, what topics we are interested in, and what products we buy.

The reason behind Facebook gathering all this information is for specifically Ad targeting. This can too be used for keyword research and finding related topics.

With Facebook’s targeting options, you’ll know more about your audience’s:

  • Location.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Interests.
  • Relationship status.
  • Languages.
  • Education level.
  • Where they work.

Note: Facebook groups are another great source for key terms. Look for “popular topics” in niche specific groups for keyword ideas.

2. Twitter’s search functionality

Twitter trends move in real time unlike other social media platforms can stay fresh for hours or even days. This makes it ideal for finding opportune keywords.

Click on explore section to find interesting topics.

twitter's search functionality

Several options will be displayed but direct your attention to “for you” and “trending topics” These are topics that people in your area and industry are talking about.

This isn’t going to work for you if you aren’t on twitter yet but if on twitter then you’ll enjoy creative topic ideas and longtail keywords.

3. Search for instagram hashtags to discover rich relevant content

When Instagram started off, it started as a way of sharing photos but little did we know it’ll turn out to be authentic search enginethanks to hashtags.

How does Instagram come in handy when using social media for keyword research?

Head to Instagram and search for key terms you want to target, then take a look at the other hashtags users add to posts.

Let’s say you want to post o Keyword research. search for #keywordresearch and take a look at hashtags that recent posts are using.

#tools #bloggers #youtubers #marketing #digitalmarketing #keywordresearch entrepreneuriallife #entrepreneurdose #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurcoach #entrepreneurmind #googleadwords #businessinsider #businessgoals #businessquote #businessideas

You’ll see tons of long-tail and related key terms I can use for content creation, SEO targeting, even paid ads. 

Moreover, you can take advantage of autocomplete feature for keyword research.

instagram autocomplete feature

4. Look into search trends on Pinterest

You might not have given a thought yet but interest to can be of big help when looking for long-tail keywords. Just like search engines, Pinterest offers results based on what they think users might be interested in.

Let’s use SEO as an example:

search trends on pinterest

As you can see in the image above, those are all longtail keywords that you can target.

You can also make use of autocomplete on Pinterest too:

pinterest autocomplete

5. Youtube autocomplete Search function

Youtube search function isn’t just about finding videos to watch. What you may not know is that it’s the second most popular search engine after Google.

To find related key terms, type in the main term and see what YouTube delivers:

youtube autocomplete search function

Asyou can see, youtube can be a great source of SEO keywords.

Know of more ways that you can use social media for keyword research? Please share on the comment section below!!

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