How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in Kenya(Beginners Guide)

affiliate marketing in kenya

For those who already have a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing is, the next question will be, how do I get started with affiliate marketing business in Kenya?

Here, I’ll help you understand how to start affiliate marketing.

There are multiple ways that internet marketers are doing affiliate marketing you just have to pick one that best works for you.

Here, I’ll share how I started with it, and so far I can say confidently that it’s working, and it will work for you too.

How to Start Affiliate marketing business:

In this article, I’ve shared links that will enable you to become a pro in affiliate marketing but we’ll look at the basics to get you started first.

Become an affiliate: Join Affiliate programs

The first and very important phase of affiliate marketing is to become an affiliate of the products. This could be either through affiliate networks or through direct affiliate programs.

Read Direct affiliate program vs affiliate marketplace to tell the difference between the two.

Always ensure you go for products that align with your skills set or your niche.

Promotion Channel:

how to start affiliate marketing

Already an affiliate marketer? Now it’s time to find ways of promoting those affiliate products.

This can range from:

  • A blog
  • An Affiliate website
  • YouTube channel
  • Podcasting
  • Social media platforms

I’d recommend using a blog or YouTube as they work best for the long term.

Read: Techniques to promote affiliate products

Why so?

This is because you’ll be using content marketing to drive free traffic to your platforms, your profit will be higher and over time you will see organic growth.

Read: How to start a blog to get you started

Sales pitch

You need to create a sales pitch for selling any product.

This can be in form of a blog post, video, podcast, etc.

This is to make your readers aware of what problem the product solves or it could be an offer they should not miss. It’ll also be easier for new customers to pick a product.

Link Cloaking:

This is a technique that helps you make affiliate links look pretty.

Affiliate link:

Cloaked link:

Both links lead to the same web page but the cloaked one looks much friendly as compared to the usual affiliate link.

Moreover, you’ll have the ability to how many people are clicking on the link. If you have a blog on WordPress, you can use this plugin called ThirstyAffiliates.

Don’t have a blog? Not to worry, you can use a platform called, which offers all the features you need.

All that known, here are few guides as promised to refine your skills further:

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