How to Pick a niche for Your Blog 2021/2022

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This is among the most important things you’ll need to read before starting a blog. Building your knowledge around the niche of your bog determines the future success of your blog.

There are countless people who started a blog and ended up quitting before they could have discovered the glory they were destined to. This is why:

  • I couldn’t drive blog traffic
  • I could not make money
  • I was unsuccessful
  • I was not lucky

Honestly, it’s disheartening to hear this, as it’s never about their hard work, but lack of proper understanding of profitable blogging, and especially zero understanding of blog niche. 

This article is specifically for guide you on niche selection a foundation for creating a profitable blog.

What is a Blog Niche

For a better understanding, let me pose it as a question.

  • What is your blog topic?
  • What is your blog about?

Those questions will help you get a better understanding of what a niche is.

Common mistakes in Niche Selection

There are quite a number of mistakes that a lot of beginners make when it comes to niche selection. Let’s me go through them.

1. Getting into a highly competitive niche

Most beginners tend to get into broad niches that are already widely covered by professional bloggers. These niches are like tech , health, fashion niches.

A best way to look at it is, focusing on a specialized narrow niche within a broad niche.

This will ensure your blog becomes a success in terms of popularity, traffic, and money.

Further more, this will make you an expert in your specialized field.

2. Monetization Options

Truth be told, most beginners and only focusing on AdSense as a form of blog monetization.

You got to think big and keep your focus on a niche that provides an option for more monetization opportunities.

This could be in the form of (but not limited to)

  • Direct advertisers
  • Affiliate programs
  • Online courses
  • Merchandising

3. Getting it all wrong with your niche

Often when you realize you are working in the wrong niche, you have an option to start a new website (in a new niche), and then make it work for you. In fact, your second blog might be a success, as you will be utilizing your knowledge from the old blog, into a new one.

every new blog has become a faster success than the earlier one. So don’t be afraid of leaving your old niche, and starting a new one when you realize the old niche is too crowded, or you have no interest in it anymore.

Why Niche selection is important

1. More Traffic:

Since you will be taking the help of data to pick the niche, the probability of you building a high traffic blog would be higher. Also, since you are working in a laser-focused niche, you are more likely to get rewarded by Google in terms of organic traffic. 

2. Easy marketing

This alone should be a major reason why you should be so keen on niche selection.

With a focused blog, marketing tend to become easier.

3. Building your expertise

Learning is a process, but as you spend regular time daily on learning about one subject, eventually you would end up being top 1%-5%  in that particular field.

How to pick a niche for your blog

1. Passion

Take advantage of your past experience, hobbies and learnings, current interest, readings and learnings, and your life accomplishment as a base to choose a niche.

This ensures that the niche you will pick is not only something you are passionate about but also profitable in the longer run.

2. Low competition

Competition is another factor that you should consider before opting for a particular niche. You should avoid high competitive niche, as a lot of other webmasters are creating a website in the same niche.

Note: it has the potential to grow over time

3. Relevance

So you identified a few niches for you, but what about the future of those niches?

Checking the trend, and ensuring that trend has increased over time ensure you stay relevant in the time to come.

There are exceptions when you are working on a micro-niche, and your time horizon for that blog is not more than 1-2 years. A good free tool to check the trend of a topic is by using Google trends.

Here is how you can use Google trends.

  • Head over to
  • Enter your niche topic
  • Select the target country (Ex: Worldwide, India, United States, Australia)
  • Select the year range (Ex: 5 years)

4. Monetization

Google AdSense or is certainly the most common way of monetizing any niche, but , there are higher levels of monetization that generate more revenue.

A few things to pay attention to:

  • Are they using only contextual ad networks like AdSense to monetize?
  • Are they running any direct ads? If yes, which all brands?
  • Are their affiliate links on the website?
  • Are they selling any products (Courses, eBooks, Merchandising)?
  • Are they offering consultancy?
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