How to Develop Your PPC Strategy

PPC Strategy
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A strategy is the foundation of a successful PPC campaign.

You need to clearly understand and define exactly what you want to accomplish.

So, what’s your goal?

A PPC usually consists of many different goals.

At times, your PPC goals may quite be obvious, but sometimes they’ll require more consideration of all of the options available to your brand.

  • Brand awareness
  • Product and brand consideration
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Repeat sales

Are the commonly known goals.

As an advertiser, always closely examine the sales funnel for your business and customize your paid media programs accordingly.

Before we take a look at each of the above-mentioned goals, if new here, you may want to take a look at:

How to Develop Your PPC Strategy

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Brand Awareness

Often PPC is used for brand awareness. This way you’ll be able to raise the visibility of the brand or product.

Here, you’d want to ensure that your brand is well exposed to a highly relevant audience with hopes clicks will eventually lead to the consideration phase.

Targeting tactics are the most general but offer a wider reach. Social media PPC ads are a good option for branding since there are so many targeting options based on demographics and interests.

Product & Brand reflection

Here, when users are considering and researching a purchase, it is a perfect opportunity to reintroduce the brand with more detailed targeting and more persuasive call-to-action language in the ad copy.

When users are already in the consideration stage, their search tends to be more detailed.

This is the best time to use remarketing with a banner or responsive ads to bring the consumer back to the previously viewed product.


This comes in if your brand doesn’t support online sales you’d want to collect leads to follow up with interested prospects and engage them in a conversation.

Calls-to-action might be:

  • Request a demo.
  • Get a consultation.
  • Free trial.

All these are specifically meant to entice the user to fill out an online web form to initiate conversions.


Consumers ready to make a purchase usually use words in their searches indicating a higher intent.

This may include:

  • Model numbers.
  • Shipping information.
  • Discounts.
  • Coupons.
  • Financing.

It is good to have separate campaigns that address this phase by highlighting offers, guarantees, warranty information, or your return policy.

This reassures consumers that your business is the one to buy from.

Repeat Sales

PPC is an amazing way to acquire repeat sales. This is if the product or service needs replacement, maintenance, accessories, upgrades, or other product cross-sells or up-sells.

When designing your repeated sales approach, why don’t you ask a few questions?

  • How long does the product last before renewal?
  • Is there a new and improved model coming out?
  • Does the consumer buy multiples?

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