Help for Ukrainian SEO & PPC Experts: Find The Right Job For You.

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If you are an SEO or PPC specialist and are looking for work, An SEO entrepreneur has created two resources: one for job seekers and another for employers with digital vacancies willing to hire Ukrainians.

Olesia Korobka an SEO entrepreneur is doing this is to be able to create an opportunity in the industry whereby we come together in times of trouble to help one another. She has created two Google Sheets, which have been shared widely in our community via social media in the last day:

We have all been watching the horrible events unfolding in Ukraine. The current situation in Ukraine is very delicate. Russia has recently taken over the Crimean Peninsula, and many people are worried about what will happen next. The Ukrainian people are trying to stay strong and keep fighting, but they need our help.

How can you Help a Ukrainian SEO & PPC Experts?

The internet has made it possible for people from all over the world to connect with one another. This is especially evident in the current economy, where professionals from various countries are able to work together remotely. In light of this, I am reaching out to my network of professionals in search of someone who could help a colleague from Ukraine get a job or gig.

There are many people in Ukraine who are looking for a job or gig and have the skills or experience that companies are looking for. If you can help someone in Ukraine get a job or gig, they will be very grateful!

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