A Complete Guide To The New Google Business Profile For Local SEO.

Google announced today that the name of its local listing platform, Google My Business (GMB), is changing to Google Business Profile.
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Google has introduced a new way of finding local businesses. Their new Google Business Profile can help your business stand out in the search results and is a must for every local SEO strategy. The new Google Business Profile includes all the features of its predecessor, the Google+ Local page. It also comes with some exciting news – you can now add a video to your business profile! A video on your business profile gives you an opportunity to show off what makes your company unique and attractive to customers.

“Moving forward, we recommend small businesses manage their profiles directly on Search or Maps. To keep things simple, ‘Google My Business’ is being renamed ‘Google Business Profile,’”

wrote Matt Madrigal, VP/GM Merchant Shopping, in the official announcement.

“And in 2022, we’ll retire the Google My Business app so more merchants can take advantage of the upgraded experience on Search and Maps,”

He added

The rebranding announcement was accompanied by a few new features.

What does this mean for the millions of business owners, brands, and marketers who use GMB (now GBP) as part of their local online presence?

Everything You Need To Know About The New Google Business Profile.

The option to edit your Business Profile information from search has been around for several months, but now you can complete verification or resolve other issues with your Business Profile directly from search. 

You can do this by searching your company’s name on Google or the Google’s map app and you’ll be able to see an option to verify your profile or resolve other issues your profile might have, like a suspension.

google business profile
Image From Google My Business Help, November 2021

Over the next few months, all businesses who create a Business Profile on Google will be allowed to complete their setup directly on Google Search and Maps. You will also be able to see if your profile is publicly visible.

Why Use Google Business Profiles For Local SEO?

Mostly, eligible local businesses use to rank higher on Google and get local clients is to claim and optimize their Google Business Profile.

Claiming your Google Business Profile though is just the first step – you must optimize, frequently check and update your Business Profile with new information.

With an up-to-date Google Business Profile:

  • Is 2.7x more likely to be considered more reputable.
  • Gets 7x more clicks.
  • Is 70% more likely to attract location visits.
  • Is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase.

Google and any user can make changes to their Business Profile – like your address, hours, upload photos, reviews, and more. So it’s important that you regularly check your Google Business Profile to make sure that no incorrect changes were made to your profile.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

With a business on Google My Business Profile, you’re trading on Google’s territories. This means you must follow Google’s Business Profile’s guidelines – otherwise, your business profile can get suspended.

How To Manage Your Google Business Profile

Is your business running in various locations? or are you an agency that manages multiple client locations? the best way to manage your profiles is to log in to the Business Profile Manager dashboard.

business profile manager
Screenshot from Google Business Profile

With the Business Profile Manager, you have more flexibility to manage multiple profiles in one dashboard.

Is your business running in only one location? the easiest way to manage your Google Business Profile is from the place you probably have open on your computer all day long – Google Search!

You can also manage directly from the Google Maps App.

How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Here you can edit a ton of information – all from your Google search screen!

Business Information

When you click on the Business information section, you can edit the basic info, like About, Contact, Locate, Hours, and More.


According to Google Consumer Barometer, 40% of local business searchers want to find hours of operation for local businesses.

That means you must keep your hours current – especially holiday hours. Updating your hours is super simple to change through Google Search.

When you select hours, you get the more detailed information you can update. Not only can you change your hours of operation (which must be when your employees are located at your business), you can also choose to:

  • Open with main hours.
  • Open with no main hours.
  • Temporarily Closed (Show that your business will open again in the future).
  • Permanently Closed (Show your business no longer exists).


If you sell products at your store or business, adding products to your Google Business Profile is a great way to show off what you have to sell!

It’s simple to list products! Click on the Get Started button and answer the simple questions:

  • Product Name.
  • Category – If you don’t have a category already set up, you can create one.
  • Price or Price Range.
  • Product Description.
  • Photo.


Services work remarkably like Products – but it’s catered to Service Area Businesses (SABs) (like landscapers, plumbers, handymen, roofers, locksmiths, etc.) or companies that offer services to customers or clients (like lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, etc.)

Add Photos

Local searchers love to see pictures. According to Google, businesses with photos get 42% more requests for directions.


When you have a business, you’re always in marketing and promotion mode!

Click on the Promote button and you’ll be given plenty of options to help promote your business using Google Business Profile features.


The new Google Business listing has been available for a while now, but many businesses are still missing out on all of the benefits that come with it. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about your new business profile, and we hope to see your business listed as soon as possible!

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