How To Get Bing To Index Your Content Instantly Using Rankmath: A Step-By-Step Guide.

As a content marketer, you know that search engine optimization is crucial to bringing in traffic and leads, but if you're like most marketers, you are probably also struggling with competing against the big-name sites already dominating the SERPs.
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When it comes to SEO, ranking highly in the search engines is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your site. But getting your site to rank in Google is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort – but it’s worth it.

Bing is an extremely important search engine for your business, but it doesn’t always have the easiest time with indexing all of your content. Even if you create fantastic content, Bing will sometimes be unable to find it.

There are a couple of reasons for this: Bing uses a different algorithm than Google and can sometimes have difficulty crawling your site. Bing also has limited web crawlers that might not be able to reach all pages on your site. In addition to these issues, Bing updates its algorithm less frequently than Google, so it’s harder for its spiders to keep up with the latest trends.

There are a few ways to get Bing to index your content rapidly, such as using webmaster tools and direct communication with the Bing webmaster. Another way is by adding a sitemap file that serves your new content.

How to Get Bing to Index Your Content Instantly Using RankMath

1. Install and Setup Rank Math

To get started – if you haven’t already – you’ll need to install the Rank Math plugin and run the setup wizard to get started.

2. Verify Your Website on Bing Webmaster Tools

Before you can proceed any further, you’ll have to verify your website on Bing Webmaster Tools.

You can do this by:

Open Bing Webmaster Tools

Login to your Bing account.

You can do this in three different ways either with:

Microsoft account

Facebook account or

Google account

Once logged in, you’ll be able to see two options :

i. Verify via Google Search Console:

If your website is already verified on Google Search Console, you can choose this step. You will only need to click a few buttons and you are done.

ii. Add your site Manually:

This is the option we will cover further.

How to “Add Your Site Manually” 

  1. Choose “Add Your Site Manually” Option

Enter Your website URL in the designated field and click the “Add” button.


2. Choose Verification Method

Next, you will get a few options to choose from. For the sake of keeping this tutorial simple, we will choose the HTML Meta Tag option and use that to verify our website using Rank Math.

3. Copy the Meta Tag code that you generated.


4. Paste the Code in Rank Math SEO

Paste the Code in Rank Math SEO by going to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > General Settings > Webmaster Tools and save the changes.

You’ll then Go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and Hit the Verify Button.

There you go!! Your website is now verified in the Bing Webmaster Tools and can proceed with further steps.

3. Enable the Instant Indexing API module

With the Rankmath plugin already installed on your site, head over to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to activate the various modules that Rank Math as well as for Rank Math PRO include (if you have an active subscription).

Instant Indexing API module is included with the free version out of the box.

4. Configure Your Site’s Instant Indexing Settings

instant indexing

Once enabled, head over to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Instant Indexing and you’ll see the following settings:

api key

To get your API key:

Visit Bing Webmaster Tools

Enter your logins if you aren’t already logged in. Use the same account details you used to verify your website on Bing. If your website isn’t already verified, you can do that using Rank Math as well by entering your Bing verification code at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > General Settings > Webmaster Tools.

Locate the “Gear” Icon At The Top-Right

Click the gear icon and then click on the “API Access” option.

Select The API Key Option

Then generate your API key – simply click the Generate API Key button.

Copy the generated API key to easily add it to Rank Math’s Instant Indexing settings.

Head back to Rank Math SEO settings, go to the Instant Indexing section and enter the API key that you copied from Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

That done, You’ve now successfully set up the Instant Indexing API with Bing and every time you publish a new post or update an existing one, Rank Math SEO will automatically submit the URL to Bing based on your selected settings.


In order to get Bing to index your content instantly, you need to have a proper XML sitemap. To get started, you should download and install the Rankmath SEO plugin for WordPress. Once that’s installed, you’ll be able to configure your XML sitemap with ease. You can also find out more about our blog submission services by subscribing to our newsletter or requesting a free consultation.

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