An In-Depth Guide To Using Facebook Business Manager For Agencies

The Facebook business manager is a free tool that helps businesses manage their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. All of your Page information will be managed from one place with this free tool from Fac
facebook business manager
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Facebook’s Business Manager is a great tool for managing multiple Facebook pages. If you are running an agency, you may have several clients with Facebook pages that you manage. The new Facebook Business Manager will make it easier to manage all of your clients’ pages from one place.

You can use this app to create, update or delete Page posts or ads, create ad sets and campaigns, and view your Page Insights data. Facebook Business Manager is available in English only at the moment, but it’s being rolled out globally.

What is Facebook business manager?

The Facebook business manager is a free tool that helps businesses manage their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. All of your Page information will be managed from one place with this free tool from Facebook. To set up the business manager, you need to have a personal account connected to your business page in the first place.

Business Manager Access

Facebook Business Manager Access helps you to manage your Facebook ads. You can create new ad accounts, access the ad account, and also monitor ad performance. With Facebook Business Manager Access, you can run an advertisement campaign with ease.

You can create multiple ad accounts on one page, and it’s very useful when you want to post different campaigns on the same page. Also, if you use Facebook Business Manager Access to create an ad account, it’s easy for you to spend money on your account.

With Facebook Business Manager Access, you can also analyze the profitable ads and learn what makes them.

You’ll have to ensure your client has the Facebook Business Manager. If they don’t, you’ll need to get it set up. After that, you’ll then have to get connected to their Business Manager. 

This can be done in two ways:

Option 1: Use a personal account. In this case, you’ll get added into their business manager and given employee access.

Option 2: Through partners. In this case, the client adds you to their business manager and gives you access to their assets. In my opinion, this is the preferred way to run ads for clients.

Running Ads from Your Client’s Ad Account

There are a number of reasons why you want to run Facebook and Instagram ads from your client’s ad account and not from your own.

1: Pixel data. The client will retain the pixel data, and it won’t get confused with any other pixel data that might be on your personal account.

2: Billing. There can’t be multiple billing methods on a single ad account, so this way the client will have their own billing method attached to their ad account and be responsible for that.

3: If you’re running ads for multiple clients on one account and that account gets shut down, you’re putting all of your clients’ ads at risk.

Connecting to a Client’s Facebook Business Manager as a Partner.

Here, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to connect to a client’s Facebook Business Manager as a partner.

This is the process for connecting to an account that has already signed up for If you do not find such an account, contact your client and ask them to sign up for an account with the name of their business.

To connect to a Client’s Facebook Business Manager as a Partner here are the steps:

  1. Go to the link for your Business Manager.
  2. Get your Business Manager ID from the Business Info section and give that ID to your client.
  3. Have your client go into their Business Manager Settings (same link for them as above).
  4. They will click Partners under the Users Menu in the left sidebar.
  5. Then they will click the blue Add dropdown menu and select “Give a partner access to your assets”.
  6. In the popup menu, they will add your Partner Business ID from step 2.
  7. Then they will give you access to their Page and their Ad account (it’s important that they grant access to both assets).
  8. In your Business Manager, you will then assign those assets to yourself and whatever team members also need access

Grant Access Permissions

With your client’s Business Manager connected to your own, now give the people in your Business Manager permissions in order to work on that asset.

go into your Business Manager settings, select “pages” on the left side, and then find the page that you’ve been given access to, and select “add people.” Then a pop-up will appear, and you will give yourself and your team members the ability to create ads on that page.

Facebook business manager

Repeat the process with the ad accounts on the left side. Select the people to manage the campaigns, and click assign.

Navigating Client Accounts

With assets assigned, you can go into your ads manager and use the dropdown menu to navigate between client accounts.

Creating and Sharing Ads Manager Reports

Now that you’re connected to your client’s campaigns, they will want to see your results. An easy way to do that is using a link in the ads manager reporting area.

facebook reports

In the Ads Manager reporting area, customize the columns to show your clients the data they want to see.

customize reports

When you’ve saved the custom report, you can then go to the “reports” drop down menu, and then select “share link.” Copy that link, and share it with your client!

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