4 Ways You Can Hit Your Email Marketing Revenue

Sending regular emails can help keep your business top of mind and drive repeat sales. Here, we've covered some tips to get the most out of your email marketing strategy.
Email marketing
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Online presence is key for every good brand. For your brand to be considered more credible, you need a well-designed website.

Ensuring your site has great content with appropriate keywords guarantees your appearance on search engines.

But, what follows?

Now that you are done optimizing content for SEO, it’s time to create campaigns to reach your customers regardless of where they are.

With running your business online, nothing feels better than connecting with your customers by adding email marketing to the mix. 73% of ‘Millenials’ prefer to contact brands via email. This still remains a popular choice across age demographics.

Let’s now take a look at ways you can formulate a good email campaign or improve your current one.

1. Segment your email lists

This will ensure you don’t get marked as spam. So always keep in mind how important personalization with email list segmentation is. With this, you can see a 5 to 15% increase in revenue and a 10 to 30% increase in marketing spend efficiency.

What is segmentation?

This is the practice of separating subscribers within email lists according to key audience demographics. This way, as compared to a generic email list with singular messaging, subscribers will receive a more customized email marketing experience.

Some of the commonly used segments are:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Email engagement 
  • Purchase history
  • Website behavior

With segmentation, there is an increased likelihood that your subscribers will open your emails and likely click the CTA in the email and make a purchase if the offers are relevant to them, thereby increasing your click-to-open rates.

With an improved email marketing engagement, there are higher chances of driving email marketing revenue.

2. Test everything

You can never get everything right the first time. This is why there’s A/B testing that will give you the opportunity to learn what works and take your RIO to the next level by enabling you identify what works best for each situation.

Why don’t you try sending two variations of the same email with slight changes? This will give you the objective data of the elements that are desired and the ones that aren’t.

With A/B testing, you can do it for any element of your email like:

  • subject line
  • layout
  • CTAs
  • copy, and more

A/B testing is pretty key for optimizing your call-to-action (CTAs) since they direct subscribers to take action and convert. To optimize your CTAs designs:

  • Use a button. Everyone instinctively knows buttons are where you click.
  • Choice of colors—but test multiple ones. Go for colors that don’t clash with the color of the text within it.
  • Always place them in an approriate section be it above the fold, on the right-hand side, at the bottom, or more.
  • Don’t crowd them to make them visible.

3. Show subscribers what they expect to see

Writing a killer, clickbaity subject line can improve your open rates. But what is your goal? Is it to drive revenue?

Then you need to optimize your emails in a way that encourages customers to click on the CTA in the email.

Don’t make any promises you can’t be able to keep. Instead, just focus on  attractive “email power words,” by:

  • Using personalization tags to address your subscribers by name in the subject line and ensure you greet them in the body of the email.
  • Design your emails based on location, purchase history, etc. This brings as back to what we mentioned earlier (Segmentation).
  • Create a nice rapport using appropriate pronouns.
  • Play on urgency and excitement, but be honest about it. This works best especially when accompanied by words like “special,” “new,” etc.

4. Engaging content

We all venture into email marketing for the purpose of marketing our businesses and services and we can only be able to tell how successful we are by looking at to metrics:

  • click-through rate
  • click-to-open rate

Which content types can make subscribers trust your brand?

  • Authentic content. Be clear about what your company’s vision and goals are. Reflect this in your branding.
  • Transparent content. Let your customers know where their money is going and how you plan to use their information—especially in this data-sensitive time.
  • Consistent content. Have a set of guidelines for your brand presentation and tone. Being consistent in all aspects of your email messaging makes it easier for subscribers to recall your

In summary

I know being able to build a perfect email marketing campaign can be pretty exhausting especially if you’re paying attention on perfecting each and every deatail.

It’s important to have a well-designed email marketing campaign that will be able to convert visitors into leads. We can help you create an email marketing plan that will make your business more profitable with our consulting services. You can subscribe now if you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow.

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