We Review Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies In Kenya You Should Work With.

Kenya is a key market in the region, and has experienced rapid growth in year-on-year internet usage. By 2016, fixed broadband penetration had reached 14.9% of households, and the number of mobile subscribers was over 40 million. Mobile technologies have been widely adopted by Kenyans as tools for social change, with the uptake of mobile money services and other digital financial services being particularly prominent.
Marketing Agencies In Kenya
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Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and attract new customers. In today’s digital age, social media has become a staple for brands and businesses to connect with their target audience. Digital marketing agencies are in high demand because they help companies generate leads, engage with customers, increase traffic to websites, and more. But how do you know which agency is the best fit for your brand?

Digital marketing is the way forward. It’s the most effective way to reach your target audience, and the best way to convert them into paying customers. The question you face today is whether your business can afford a digital marketing agency. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve compiled a list of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kenya that you can refer to when looking for an agency to help manage your online presence.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agencies In Kenya

Digital marketing agencies utilize the web and other technologies to market your products or services. There are two main categories in digital marketing: online marketing (through websites, email, and other digital platforms) and offline marketing (using phone, direct mail, print ads, TV, and more).

The rise of digital marketing has created an opportunity for businesses to reach customers easily and effectively using various digital channels. Below is a list of top digital marketing agencies based in Kenya that offer professional services to clients in Kenya.

1. SemaSEO Agency

SemaSEO Agency is a digital marketing agency based in Kenya. SemaSEO is committed to delivering the best results to our clients by putting their success first. We measure our performance by the success of our clients’ campaigns and are constantly improving our strategy and techniques to give them the highest ROI possible on their marketing dollar.

  • Name: SemaSEO Agency
  • Location: Embu, 60100 Kenya
  • Website: https://semaseo.info
  • Email: admin@semaseo.info
  • Contact: +254743079718

Services Offered

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Re-Targeting
  • Website Development
  • Brand Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google My Business

2. Afritech Media

Afritech Media is dedicated to providing professional business solutions as well as services in Corporate Identity, Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Logo Design. Our unmatched prowess in graphic and web design ensures that your company has the best image for the world to see.

  • Name: Afritech Media
  • Location: Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, Nairobi 00200
  • Website: https://www.afritechmedia.com/
  • Email: info@afritechmedia.com
  • Contact: 0774760300

Services Offered

  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Logo Design

3. Digilab Marketing Agency

Digilab Marketing Agency is an attentive, agile, and trustworthy top digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Kenya that offers an extensive range of services to businesses. From Web Design and Development to e-commerce development, content marketing, PPC, SEO, and social media management, we provide an integrated service to enhance your online marketing return and improve the top line. Our products and services are modern, robust, and coherent and this is how we remain effective.

We strongly believe that our success is intertwined with the success of businesses and the people we serve. Hence, we understand your requirements and infuse our interaction with innovative concepts around strategy, technology, and creative design. By adopting this Wow & How approach, we turn your distinct needs into digital reality.

Services Offered

  1. Website Designing
  2. Ecommerce Web Development Services
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Local SEO Services
  6. Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  7. WordPress Web Development Services
  8. website maintenance services
  9. SEO Audit Services
  10. eCommerce SEO Services

3. Kwetu Agency

KWETU Marketing Agency is a tech and digital marketing consulting agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team embraces digital in its truest form by offering a wide range of digital solutions and differentiated pricing packages for services to suit your objective and budget.

They further deploy a wide range of marketing & branding solutions to offer our clients a 360-degree marketing approach with the inclusion of white-label partner services from industry professionals, selected suppliers and verified agencies such as printing & branding as well as experiential marketing solutions.

  • Name: Kwetu Marketing Agency
  • Location: SAT Center Building Next to Parkside Towers, Suite 312, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Website: https://www.kwetumarketingagency.co.ke/
  • Email: Info@kwetumarketingagency.co.ke
  • Contact: 0737055737

Services Offered

  • Website Maintenance
  • Web design
  • Social media marketing
  • Radio advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google & YouTube advertising
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Email marketing
  • experimental marketing

4. Dimehub

DimeHub serves as a results-driven digital marketing company in 🇰🇪 Kenya which offers digital marketing services to better help you generate qualified Sales, 🕴️Potential Leads & 📈 boost Website traffic.

DimeHub combines a data-driven approach with knowledge gained from years in digital marketing to generate outstanding results to its 🕴️‍♀️🕴️clients.

  • Name: Dimehub
  • Location: Office No. 4, 7th Floor, The Citadel, Muthithi Road, Nairobi, Nairobi 00100 Kenya
  • Website: https://dimehub.com/
  • Email: hello@dimehub.com
  • Contact: +254-792-513-432

Services Offered

✅ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
✅ Social Media Marketing
✅ Web Design & Web Development
✅ Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
✅ Digital Content Development
✅ Google Analytics
✅ Display Advertisement
✅ Video Development

5. AIMOB Developer And Designer

Welcome to AIMOB, Aim- To become the most unique and amazing place to work and create projects in the world. Mob- we are a mobile-first company that makes amazing mobile apps for any business.

  • Name: AIMOB Developer And Designer
  • Location: Old Port Fort, Jesus, Mombasa, Coast 80100 Kenya
  • Website: https://aimob.tech/
  • Email:
  • Contact: (+254) 723-091-463

Services Offered

  • Mobile development
  • Web development
  • Graphics
  • On-demand tech talent

We picked these top digital marketing agencies based on their expertise and experience in the industry. They are also constantly growing by taking up new projects, as well as hiring new talent to help them deliver results. We hope this list has been helpful! If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know by leaving a comment on our blog today.

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