What is The Right Content Length for SEO?

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There are quite a number of opinions out here especially when it comes to content length and SEO. In this article, we’ll debunk some of the experts and do our very best to put you on the right track when it comes to the right content length for SEO.

If you’ve been in the digital marketing field for a while now then you must have the saying that content is king! In my three years of experience, I’ve come across people talking about different content lengths and how long content ranks better in search results.

Does long-form content work better than short-form content?

content length for seo

This is a very key question to answer especially when it comes to earning the featured snippet position that ranks at position zero on search results.

We just can’t go through a blog out there and assume that it’s correct. It’s pretty important to do tests and see for ourselves how they rank on search results.

I know before you got to this article, you have seen quite a number of opinions from experts regarding content length. Some say 600-700 words per page, Some will say 1000 to 2000 words per page. Some will say 2000 words or more because you need to cover everything about the topic.

A word of advice, I don’t think you should necessarily listen to any of those crap mentioned above. We all know that contents can vary depending on the type of intent it’s supposed to meet.

The fact that 600-700 words per page might have worked for a particular site is no guarantee that 1000-2000 or more will automatically get you ranked.

Countless times has Google reiterated the fact that word count and particularly longer words are no guarantee that you will earn first place on search results. There’s more to it than just word count that will earn you that position.

This is what I did and would wish you’d do the same to get a better understanding of what we’re covering here today. Gather at least 50 search terms and take a look at those that rank especially the featured snippets.

Why the featured snippet? This is because the featured snippet is the best performing content or rather the one that matches the users search intent. It’s the most powerful position og Google’s search results.

On the 50 search terms, you’ll come to a realization that those content that have taken the featured snippet position has to better match your search intent and not necessarily the length of the content as the lengths of the contents vary in the 50 search terms you’ll have taken a look at.

What should we focus on instead of content length?

When preparing content, don’t focus on word count as Google has a better understanding of texts. With the release of RankBrain, search engines can actually understand what things actually mean.

 Your content needs to match the query, not a content length. It needs to match a user expectation, not a length. The goal is to be human when you’re writing your content. Once you’ve done that, you can go back and start to optimize for search.

John Mueller says

having the same word count as the top ranking article, isn’t going to make your page rank first. It just doesn’t make sense to think that way. Although, we think about these short cuts. There’s no shortcut to ranking for the terms in the right way. You have to meet the user’s expectations. You have to understand the search intent, and then you need to write as much as you need to write to get that answer across. Maybe that’s 2000 words, maybe that’s 50 words, but the goal is to get the person the best information in the quickest amount of time.

I hope this will help you write better content the next time you getting your content ready for publishing. Work more on giving a solutuion or an answer to the users search intent irregardless of how long or short your content may be.

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