A Simple Way To Check If Your Website Is Accessible Across The Globe.

You cannot be sure that your website is accessible to the world unless you check it. This article will show you how you can easily find out if your website is accessible or not.
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The major aim of web accessibility is to make the web accessible for people with disabilities of all kinds. As people with disabilities are an increasingly large part of the online community, it’s important that they can access your website. Hence, this article is going to walk you through some simple steps on how you can check if your website is accessible and what you should do next.

There are many different tools available to check the accessibility of a website. We recommend using the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, which is an excellent and free tool for evaluating the accessibility of a website. It covers many different aspects of accessibility such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and usability with screen readers.

In order to check if your website is accessible from other parts of the world, you can use a free tool called the Google Accessibility Tool. Simply enter the URL of your website, and the tool will analyze your site for technical challenges that may prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing your content.

The tool will generate a list of common accessibility issues and solutions to those challenges. If you have accessibility issues on your site, the tool will offer fixes by providing links to the related resources.

There is also a service known as APM Cloud monitor. Suppose the packet of the website is lost in a certain part of the world this service clearly indicates how much percentage of packets are lost in the country. So after knowing this you should report to your hosting provider to check out the reason for the problem and sort it out as soon as possible.

To check if your website is accessible from the rest of the world, you need to open up developer tools in your browser, and look for “Network”. Once there, you’ll want to switch to “XHR”, then click on “Network Response”. This will give you all of the HTTP requests that are being made.

An HTTP request that’s not making it back to the server will show up in this section as a 404. You can see which ones are 404s by looking for the word “404” in the response headers. If you find some 404s, try opening up a new tab.

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