Digital Marketing during COVID-19
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How To Recalibrate Your Digital Marketing during COVID-19.

Digital marketing is an evolving field that requires constant learning and updating to keep up with the ever-changing environment. There are a lot of things that are worth recalibrating in your digital marketing strategy, especially during COVID. For instance, do you know how to effectively optimize videos? Or what’s the best way to incorporate influencers for your business?

Marketing Agencies In Kenya
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We Review Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies In Kenya You Should Work With.

Kenya is a key market in the region, and has experienced rapid growth in year-on-year internet usage. By 2016, fixed broadband penetration had reached 14.9% of households, and the number of mobile subscribers was over 40 million. Mobile technologies have been widely adopted by Kenyans as tools for social change, with the uptake of mobile money services and other digital financial services being particularly prominent.

organic marketing
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4 Easy Steps To Achieving An Effective Organic Marketing Strategy.

Organic marketing is not a new concept, and many businesses have already taken advantage of its benefits. However, there are still plenty who don’t understand the power of organically growing their business with little to no cost. If you’re wondering how to get started with an effective organic marketing strategy, this post will help you out.

digital agency
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10 Proven Tactics To Quickly Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency.

Do you want to get more clients for your agency? I hope so because business building is quite critical in growing your business.
Where do you start? The biggest mistake most small agencies make is that they don’t have a process in place for converting leads into clients. A lot of the time, agencies will go after any lead with the hopes of landing new business. However, without a strategy for converting leads into clients, you could end up wasting valuable resources (time and money)

facebook business marketing
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7 Great Ways To Use Facebook For Business Marketing.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet, with over 1.23 billion active users each month. If you’re not using Facebook to market your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! But how do you use Facebook for marketing?

what is retargeting
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Why Retargeting Is The Best Marketing Strategy For B2B Companies.

Retargeting is one of the most overlooked and effective marketing strategies for B2B companies. While some might consider it annoying, retargeting will only benefit your business in the long run. Retargeting helps to keep your brand top-of-mind with consumers throughout their purchasing journey. It’s also an indirect way to grow your email list and customer base.