Blogging Among the Kenyan Society & How You Can Change the Narrative

Blogging Among the Kenyan Society
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Blogging is growing rapidly in Kenya but is it yet time for it to be considered as a mainstream career option in Kenyan society?

We have a huge number of part-time bloggers who may clearly not understand what it takes to be a full-time blogger, especially with the Kenyan culture.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what it takes to be a blogger in Kenya.

Professional blogging in Kenya is yet to be considered something that would constitute a full-time job. In fact, anything that involves online work is only ever considered a part-time job. Some of this is due to computer illiteracy and the generation gap.

What Facts do Kenyan bloggers need to pay attention to?

Kenyan society

Fact 1: Most Kenyans don’t understand blogging

The few years I’ve been blogging very few or close to none have ever gotten to understand what I really do when I tell them I work as a full-time blogger.

They always tend to ask what is blogging?

Moreover, even with a pretty good explanation, they always end up asking can you really make a living out of it?

Fact 2: Kenyans are still fixated in the old habits

We all know that Kenyan society is quite conservative and in order to bring change to the long-term mindset or belief system of a specific group of people or culture is a very difficult task and will take time.

Changing the narrative In kenyan Society With Blogging

If you’ve taken your time to read this article, you are among the bright minds of Kenyan’s future, and you hold the power to bring about real change in Kenyan society.

Here’s what you need to start doing:

1. Start educating

There are a high number of Kenyans that are in need of a well paying job and don’t have an idea of where to begin. This is a perfect opportunity for you to invite them and educate them about working online.

Make them understand that blogging isn’t all about writing poetry or your midnight thoughts. Rather, it is a way to bring change for you and for others.

Use this platform to make people know that not only do they have an opportunity to educate and make an impact in the society, but also it can be perfect opportunity to make an name for themselves.

This  may even be a part of the process of opening new doorways to passive income for others.

Anyone can start Start a Blog in Kenya a blog in any niche.

2. Start earning

When I speak of starting a blog to help people out there it doesn’t stop there, you should be maintaining a blog that helps people, and in the process, earns some money.

Money can be a very big motivation since at the end of the day everyone needs money. Blogging is fun and interesting, and if people were aware of the fact that you can make money from blogging, it would heighten the interest.

Professional bloggers in Kenya earn up to $50,000 per month blogging.  You can be one of these people. It’s completely possible.

How do you make money blogging?

There are multiple ways that you can use to earn an income blogging in Kenya.

Ad networks like Google AdSense are a great place to start, but the real money is in affiliate marketing.

3. Committ

It’s pretty obvious how much social media has changed the Kenyan society and the part that social shopping plays in consumer decision-making.

This is a clear indication that blogs are influential in the decision-making process of readers.

Mobile companies like Nokia and Samsung are now actively hiring bloggers to promote their products.

Here are some observations from my experience:

  • Males are currently more active in the Kenyan blogosphere.
  • Females start blogging, but very few of them continue it for long.
  • A majority of Kenyan blogs involve the technology niche.
  • A major problem with the Kenyan blogosphere is a lack of funding and direction.
  • The most active bloggers are aged 16-25.


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