15+ Best Kenyan Blogs to Read From Popular Kenyan Bloggers

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Looking for top bloggers and the best blogs in Kenya? Then you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll discover top Kenyan blogs to read in 2021.

Note: The only way to succeed in blogging is: reading and implementing.

Not a regular reader? Then you obviously won’t tell what’s going on around your niche and you can never create a successful blog that can earn you an income.

The reason I like reading Kenyan blogs is because I can relate to them. This doesn’t mean that I don’t read other blogs. On the contrary, I do but my love for Kenyan blogs is unconditional. This is my favorite list of Kenyan blogs on all niches. They are my inspiration and the reason why SemaSEO is here today.

For you to start anything you definitely need some sought of inspiration. Thanks to some really awesome blogs which share inspiration stories of bloggers and hooks on start ups. In this list, you’ll get to find top blogs in Kenya to get you inspired.

There’s a reason as to why bikozulu is on top of my list. The reason is the guy behind bikozulu Jackson Biko. The famous blog by Jackson Biko a lifestyle blog that has become very popular in Kenya with a huge following.

Jackson Biko. is a writer with the Business Daily, True Love magazine and The Saturday Nation. He also edits Msafiri Magazine, Safaricom Foundation’s Msingi Magazine and a scattering of other writing jobs that keep writers like me afloat.

bikozulu has a domain authority(DA) of 35 and an alexa KE kenya rank #3026

TechMoran.com by Sam Wakoba is a tech, culture, and science resource platform for innovators, students, entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, investors, PE firms and professionals and stay at home mums and dads looking for tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how-tos, commentaries, guides, FAQs, analysis, jobs, features, advice, shopping guides, cool new innovations, and top business profiles and explainers.

The blog makes money via AdSense, affiliate marketing and direct ads sponsorship.Techmoran has a domain authority of 56

Getsales a kenyan blog run ny Jimmy Ombom was formed to help African businesses take advantage of online platforms to grow there businesses online.

Getsales has a domain authority(DA) of 25.

Robert Alai is a top Kenyan blogger who is known for his news blog Kahawatungu, which focuses mainly on local news reporting.

Alai is also an activist, and was behind the now defunct information technology weblog Techmtaa.com that earned notoriety for his relentless tech coverage.

Kahawatungu has a domain authority of 47.


Techweez is an online magazine with an objective of giving coverage of everyday technology. Consumer technologies, internet Business News and Reviews are Techweez main forte. They aim at provide an influence on consumer behaviour by availing information and review of the technologies they use every day. Techweez is one of the most influential Online Technology News Site in East and Central Africa and a continental leader in personal tech coverage.

Techweez has a domain authority of 68.

Kenyaplex.com by Raphael Mutua is a website dedicated to providing educational information and high quality resources. It was started in the year 2008 and grown to become the leading educational website in Kenya. They provide information on schools, colleges, universities and courses.

They have a domain authority of 30


FreelancerKenya by Walter Akolo mainly focuses on helping readers build a profitable business online. Walter Akolo has been a freelance writer since 2011 an internet marketer since 2012 and has managed to train over 4000 writers.

FreelanceKenya has a domain authority(DA) of 26.

Kenyabuzz by Alix Grubel is a popular blog that covers events, movies, bars, cinemas, travel, restaurants, culture, nightlife and other things in Kenya. It has a domain authority(DA) of 50.

Our blog SemaSEO mainly teaches on real fundamentals of blogging.

Our main goal is to educate and empower the SEO community by providing the freshest techniques and news best practiced in the industry.

Dikembe Disembe is the publisher of Kenya-today.com, a popular blog that covers daily local news. He has earned many accolades in the media for his astute professionalism. 

It has a domain authority of 51.

Cyprian Nyakundi is one of the most popular bloggers in Kenya, with his blog Cnyakundi.com covering local news and some infusion of politics. 

Cnyakundi has a domain authority of 35.

Kenyan Daily Post by Timothy Obare is your number one source for all gossip and the juiciest stories in Kenya, East Africa and across the world. They are dedicated to giving you the very best of news, with a focus on boldness, fearlessness and uniqueness.

Kenyan-post has a domain authority of 54.

This is a photography blog where the creative Kenyan photographer – Mutua inspires people with his latest photography shots of beautiful Nairobi and Africa. 

It has a domain authority of 17.

Hapa Kenya is a lifestyle blog that features entertainment news, relationships tips, latest events, technology among others. 

HapaKenya has a domain authority of 52.

This Kenyan blog by Eugine Obiero provides detailed information on East African Energy related issues, oil and gas, investment analysis and opportunities in Kenya and East Africa. 

Eastafricanenergy has a domain authority of 17.

This kenya blog focuses on Banking, finance, technology and investments in Kenya. The blogger behind this blog is a Nairobi Banker whose observations on banking, finance and investment in Kenya are worthwhile. 

Bankelele has a domain authority of 33.

This Kenyan travel blog provides readers with detailed information about budget travel in Kenya, travel tips and review, travel stories and destinations. 

Kenyatalii has a domain authority of 19.

TechTrendsKE by Nickson Kanali is a leading Kenyan news blog that covers technology and business trends, product and service reviews in Kenya and across Africa. 

TechTrensKe has a domain authority of 3.

Techmtaa is a tech blog by Francis Muli that focus on technology, video, web, mobile devices, social media, applications and gizmos. 

Techmtaa has a domain authority of 34.

Kachwanya Blog features technology news, business news and information, social media news, start-ups tips and gadgets reviews.

Kachawaya has a domain authority of 42.

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