5+ Must-Know Powerful Benefits of PPC Advertising

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Wondering how you’ll convince your client of the benefits of PPC advertising?

Here are eight reasons why you should start using PPC advertising.

Whether you’re trying to put your boss up to it or convince your client of the benefits of PPC advertising, you have a compelling case.

Let’s get an overview before we dig in deeper:

  • Offers quick entry.
  • Results are easy to measure and track.
  • Works well with other marketing channels.
  • Provides a huge amount of useful data.

Your boss or client is guaranteed a positive impact on the business or the brand when it comes to PPC. If you haven’t started using PPC advertising then you’re missing out on a lot of revenue and traffic.

Now, to make sense of your argument on the benefits of PPC advertising, let’s take a look at the top benefits of using PPC advertising:

Benefits of PPC Advertising

benefits of PPC advertising

1. Contributes to the objecives of the business

PPC can be of much help in achieving the set marketing goals of the business.

These goals range from high-level brand exposure and thought leadership to a hot lead submission or e-commerce sale.

PPC can support many parts of the sales funnel and the path that your prospects take from awareness to becoming a customer.

Regardless of the set of identified goals, PPC campaigns can be set up effectively.

2. Quick entry

Unlike SEO, which often takes time, with Google Ads, you’ll get that position you’re working to get within minutes of launch.

Even if you’re a decade behind your competitors in PPC marketing, you can get up and running quickly with a little bit of optimization.

This is also a great way of targeting an audience that is not already aware of your brand in that you wouldn’t be limited to your existing followers or customer lists.

3. You have complete control

With PPC advertising you have all the control over a wide range of options for reaching potential customers from keywords or placements you choose to target and how restrictive you want to be.

You also have a lot of budget flexibility if you want to start small.

You have the ability to set your own ad budget and bids and choose what you’re willing to spend.

If you see positive results on your brand, you can always scale up immediately. And if interested in taking a break, you can always pause and stop your ad spend immediately.

Google Ads’ auction and the algorithm involved have the final say of where your ads will be positioned and what you’ll spend when compared to competitors.

The alignment of relevance between your landing pages and the keywords and ad copy can hurt or help you.

The best part is that make edits and optimize your Ads while they’re still running.

4. PPC can be measured & tracked

This is among the major benefits of using Google Ads it can always be tracked and measured.

Simply use the Google Ads tool in combination with Google Analytics. You’ll have access to performance details, including impressions, clicks, and conversions.

There’s no mystery to your PPC performance.

Stats are readily available and show how your campaigns are performing and what kind of traffic and results they drive for your budget.

With Google Analytics, when you send your PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages and track it to conversion, you can see what you spent and what it drove in terms of your end goals.

5. Amazing targeting alternatives

Most advertisers tend to take a functional(multi-layered) approach in google Ads in testing and in ensuring complete coverage across the networks and targeting types that can gain brand exposure.

This ranges from targeting keywords through text ads, to running ads through remarketing based on their past behaviors or focusing on specific audience demographics on the display network.

By doing this, you can ensure the full scope of Google Ads is leveraged and that you’re getting as many impressions as possible while staying targeted to the personas in your prospective audience.


PPC advertising has proven its ground in being a reliable and profitable channel for tons of B2B, B2C, nonprofits, and other companies seeking quick, quality traffic and conversions.

Considering all the benefits of PPC, there’s little risk in testing it out to see where it can move the needle and gain a wealth of valuable data to inform your other marketing and optimization efforts.

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